Amazon Quiz Answers Today (22nd September 2023)

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 22nd September 2023: Win Rs 500 Amazon Pay Balance.

amazon daily quiz answers

The Amazon Daily Quiz is a fun and interactive way to win amazing prizes every day. Win Rs. 500 Amazon Pay balance today by answering 5 questions correctly using the below Amazon daily quiz answers. Here, you can get Amazon daily quiz answers quickly as soon as the quiz goes live. Visit this blog daily, get the answers, participate, and stand a chance to win Rs. 500 today if luck is on your side.

Amazon runs various quizzes on its platform such as Daily quiz time, Amazon spin and win & more. By playing these quiz games users can win up to Rs 50,000 Amazon pay balance. Here you can get the latest updated Amazon quiz answers, submit these answers in the Amazon app, and win exciting cash prizes every day. We keep the answers updated as soon as the quiz goes live.

“Remember, failure is just a step towards success in the next. Keep trying.”

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today Details

NameAmazon Daily Quiz
Period22nd September 2023 12 AM to 11.59 PM
PrizeRs 500 Amazon Pay Balance
Where to PlayAmazon App & Mobile Site
Winner AnnouncementNext Day

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers

Win ₹500 Amazon Pay Balance

Q1. In the 2023 film 'Barbie', which actor plays the role of Ynon Kreiz, CEO of Mattel?

Answer: ✅ Will Ferrell

Q2. Puja Tomar is currently India’s highest-ranked female athlete in which particular discipline?

Answer: ✅ MMA

Q3. Among the 20 member states within the G-20 group, only one entity is not a sovereign nation. Identify.

Answer: ✅ EU

Q4. Which filter feeding shark is depicted in the picture?

Answer: ✅ Whale Shark

Q5. How long was the standing ovation recieved by this actor at the 44th Oscar ceremony?

Answer: ✅ 12 minutes

What is Amazon Daily Quiz?

The Amazon Daily Quiz is conducted by Amazon Sellers Service Private Limited, a popular quiz among enthusiasts. The daily quiz comprises five questions that you must answer; if all answers are correct, you receive a message confirming your eligibility for a lucky draw. Otherwise, it conveys ‘better luck next time,’ indicating ineligibility for the prize. The quiz commences at midnight, 12 o’clock, and concludes at 11:59 PM. Within this duration, you are able to answer these questions.

The quiz questions encompass a range of topics, including general knowledge, current events, and Amazon products. Additionally, Amazon offers various quizzes on this platform; participating in all of them can increase your chances of winning iPhones, laptops, smartwatches, cash prizes, and more.

Amazon Quiz Answers

If you are an Amazon quiz participant and searching for the best Amazon quiz answers website, then you are in the right place. is the best source for those who are looking for Amazon daily, weekly quizzes, Amazon Spin and Win answers. Bookmark this page and visit our site regularly, You may become an Amazon quiz winner. Along with prizes, you can also improve your general knowledge.

The Amazon quizzes can be found on the FunZone page which has many fun activities such as answering questions, spinning the wheel, and so on. The Amazon daily quiz time is live now, for winning the prize, compulsory that you have to answer five questions then only you have eligible for a lucky draw for the prize.

Amazon India is conducting plenty of daily quizzes on the FunZone page. The Amazon daily quiz time is live now and lucky participants win up to ₹50,000 Amazon pay balance. On the homepage of Daily QuizTime, it says “Enter the lucky draw to win the prize by answering all 5 questions” when a user taps on the start button the quiz begins, Once users answered all the questions correctly a message will show “You are eligible for the lucky draw on this contest”. After the contest is successfully finished, winners will be announced on the Amazon app.

How to play Quiz using the above Amazon Quiz Answers

To play Amazon quizzes, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Amazon app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  3. Search FunZone in the search field, Tap on the FunZone banner.
  4. Select the quiz you want to participate in and click the ‘Start’ button.
  5. Read the questions and select the correct answers.
  6. Submit your answers and wait for the results to be announced.

Note: Amazon quizzes are usually available for a limited time only, so make sure to check the app regularly for new quizzes.

How to Get Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce site and it is popular also in India. The company hosts several sales to attract customers but these sales happen once or twice a month. It that’s not enough, then Amazon introduces quizzes daily to its loyal users, Playing quizzes daily lucky users can get exciting prizes. The daily quiz starts at midnight and lasts 24 hours every day. Our experts update the Amazon daily quiz answers as soon as possible to your hand with this article. You can trust us, we provide data that is 100% correct, This article hits thousands of traffic daily by the users.

Participating in the Amazon Quiz

Amazon Quiz, being an app-only quiz, requires a contestant to use a smartphone to participate in the quiz. In this section, we mention the steps to participate in the quiz. However, it is important to know that unless a contestant gets all five answers right, he won’t be considered for a lucky draw.

So, when the quiz is in progress, Amazon won’t notify you that you clicked over a wrong answer. All contestants are permitted to complete the quiz, even if they click over a wrong answer somewhere in between.

But, to be considered for the lucky draw, a contestant should get all five answers right.

o participate in the Amazon Daily Quiz, a contestant should be a legal resident of India. It is then important to go to your account and set India as your current country.

Similarly, for participating in the Amazon Daily Quiz, a contestant should be at least 18 years of age. He should have valid proof available for conforming to his age. The valid proof may be produced in the form of an Indian Passport, Driving License, PAN card or Voter ID. The contestant’s billing address should also be located in India.

Employees of Amazon and their immediate family members are prohibited from participating in the Amazon Daily Quiz. Similarly, Amazon contests or advertising agencies, advisors and affiliates are not permitted to participate in the quiz.

Amazon Quiz Answers & Prizes

Typically, the prizes for Amazon Quizzes are known for their premium quality and can vary from day to day. They may include high-end smartphones or generous cashback offers.

Recently, Amazon also gave away INR 25,000 to a contestant in the form of an Amazon Pay balance. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was also given away to another contestant. Prizes that have been given away to contestants in the past include the Fossil Explorist smartwatch, portable speakers, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and Apple iPhone XS.

How many people have won prize using the Amazon quiz answers?

It is safe to assume that the Amazon Daily Quiz has a new winner each day. But, a few people doubt the authenticity of the quiz.

However, no one should the authenticity of the quiz because Amazon is a well-recognized brand. Moreover, Amazon publishes the details of the winners on their website as well. So, people do win the Amazon Daily Quiz daily.

There is no evidence that can prove that the Amazon Daily Quiz is not genuine. But, it is still a ready topic of discussion. There are some forums on Reddit that discuss whether or not the Amazon Daily Quiz is genuine. People post their opinions over such forums.

However, there are some alternate sources that verify the genuineness of the Amazon Daily Quiz. The winners of the quiz sometimes post their images on their social media accounts, with the prizes that they have received from Amazon. This is soundproof that the quiz is genuine.

So, at Amazon Funzone, the winners are very real. But to get across to be a winner after making it to the Lucky Draw, one needs to be very lucky. So, patience is the key quality that is sought after for being a winner at the Amazon Daily Quiz. When one keeps trying again and again, the odds of being a winner enhance.

How are the winners of the Amazon Quiz selected?

Firstly, the pool of people that enter the contest is taken into consideration. From this pool, only the people who get all the answers right enter the lucky draw.

Now, from this Lucky Draw, one winner is selected at random. That individual is the daily winner of the Amazon Quiz and claims the pre-specified prize for being the winner. Choosing the winner is believed to be automated by most people.

Where is the winner of the Amazon Quiz announced?

The winner of the Amazon Quiz is typically announced on the website, accessible through the link, as well as on Amazon’s official social media channels.

It is at 12 PM that the quiz is typically used to close. But nowadays, it closes at 11:59 PM After the quiz closes, Amazon announces the winner. Amazon will also contact the winner over email and SMS.

How are the prizes distributed by Amazon?

The methods of the contest’s winners receiving prizes are yet to be announced by Amazon. But, we can safely assume that they contact the winners over emails and SMSs. This way, a winner can get in touch with Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited, and claim his prize.

If the prize is a product, then Amazon will deliver it to the winner’s doorstep. Similarly, if it is a cashback that the winner has won as a reward, then the cashback will directly be credited to the winner’s account.

Users FAQs regarding Amazon Quiz

How do I play the Amazon Quiz?

First, go to the Amazon App and type FunZone or Quiz in the search bar. Press the lens icon. Now select Daily Quiz, and submit your answers.

Can I find the Amazon Quiz answers for today?

Yes. Over this website, we update the Amazon Quiz answers every day. If you log on to this page, you’ll find the answers to Amazon Daily Quiz.

When are the winners of the Amazon Daily Quiz declared?

Today, the winners of yesterday’s quiz are declared. Similarly, tomorrow, the winners of today’s quiz will be declared.

When we consider the case of the ‘Spin & Win’ contest and Special Quiz, it is only after the contest ends that the winners are declared. So, whenever you intend to check the quiz winners, log on to Amazon Winners or Quiz Winners List.

How do I find the Amazon Quiz Answers?

On Amazon Funzone, one can find Amazon Daily App Quiz. Similarly, to find the Funzone banner, go to the Amazon App Home Side Menu.

There is another way of accomplishing the aforementioned as well. On the Amazon App, search Quiz. Then Select Fun Zone and choose your desired quiz.

How will I participate in Amazon Quiz by getting Amazon Quiz Answers?

On Amazon App, search Quiz. Then, select FunZone and tap on your desired quiz. After submitting the correct answers, you can wait for Winner’s Announcement.

How will I become a Quiz Winner?

On your Amazon mobile app, search Quiz. Now, select Fun Zone and tap on the quiz in which you intend to participate. After you submit the correct answers, you can wait for the announcement of the Lucky Winner.

In case you become an Amazon Quiz Winner, you will receive a prize designated for the winner.

How will I know if I am the winner or not?

Check for your name in the Quiz Winners List section. If you are a Winner, your name will be displayed here. It may even be possible that Amazon Quiz winners are featured on the Funzone of the Amazon App. They can share selfies with their prizes on Twitter #WonOnAmazon.

What is Amazon Quiz?

Amazon Quiz is organized daily by Amazon, the eCommerce supergiant. 5 questions are asked every day in the quiz. A contestant has to choose the right alternatives from among the given options for answers.

Each day, the Amazon Quiz starts at 12 midnight and ends at 11:59 at night.

How is the winner of the Amazon Daily Quiz selected?

When a contestant answers all 5 answers right, he enters the Lucky Draw. In the Lucky Draw are all the contestants who have answered the questions right in the day.

The selection of the final winners is through a random draw procedure.

How will I know if my answers to the Amazon Daily Quiz are correct?

There is no way to be sure while submitting the answers. Amazon lets contestants complete the quiz, even if they submit wrong answers in between.

But, after the quiz is over, then, on the following day, the contestants can surf the web to find out the correct answers. This way, they can be sure if they have made it to the lucky draw or not.

We will display the answers to the previous day’s Amazon Daily Quiz here, on this website. You can check after participating in the quiz, or otherwise.

How will the winner of the Amazon Daily Quiz get his prize?

Upon giving all answers right, a contestant makes it to the lucky draw. This is a pool of contestants from which the winner is chosen.

When Amazon picks a winner of the quiz at random, they intimate the winner about winning the quiz over email. So, a winner should check his email on the day after participating in the quiz. Alternatively, the list of winners is published on the Amazon website as well.

If the prize or a cashback that a winner gets is worth more than INR 10,000, then submitting the PAN card information is also essential.

Amazon gift cards can be received over email. Similarly, Amazon quiz prizes can be received by post at the registered shipping address of the contestant, who is also an Amazon customer.

Is it necessary to tweet over Twitter after participating in the quiz to become a winner?

No, tweeting over Twitter is not necessary to become a winner of the Amazon Daily Quiz. You can become a winner of the quiz even without tweeting over Twitter. But you can tweet over Twitter to inform your friends and family about the quiz.

What types of questions are asked in the Amazon Daily Quiz?

When playing the Amazon Daily Quiz, mostly multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are asked. In all likelihood, the questions will cover general knowledge & current affairs. At times, riddles are included in the questions. A few of the questions pertain to Pictionary and mathematics.

Which ones are the most popular Amazon quizzes?

Amazon Daily Quiz is frequently the most popular quiz on Amazon. The other popular quizzes are the special Amazon Quiz, Tap & Win, Spin & Win, Amazon Monthly Quiz, and Amazon Weekly Quiz.

Why should I participate in the Amazon Quiz?

Participation in Amazon Quiz is free. Anyone can participate, and play the quiz as a source of recreation and mental stimulation. By, playing the quiz and answering the questions right, one stands the chance of being the winner as well. This will give one access to attractive prizes.

But, there is one requirement that all contestants should meet before they participate in Amazon Quizzes. They should have the Amazon App installed on their smartphones, and they should be signed in with their accounts.

A characteristic feature of Amazon quizzes is that they offer very little time for a participant to come up with the correct answers. This is probably because participation in the quiz is free. But, participation in the quiz gives one an opportunity to win attractive prizes, such as Sony Speakers. Winners of each distinct quiz win attractive prizes, such as smartphones and smartwatches. Some get attractive cashback as well.

Over, participating in Amazon Quizzes is a win-win situation for the participants.

Can I play Amazon Quiz over mobile browsers?

Yes. From the mobile website, all Amazon Quizzes can be accessed for playing. For the same, a contestant should be signed into their Amazon account via mobile browser.

How does the Amazon quiz work?

The Amazon quiz can be broadly subdivided into two phases, participation, and winner selection. Let us consider both of these phases separately:

  • The participation phase
  • It is only on the scheduled date and time that the Amazon Quiz commences. The phase in which the quiz is live is known as the contest period.
  • It is necessary to sign up for an Amazon account or sign in to your account from a mobile device to be eligible for playing the Amazon Quiz.
  • But, upon signing into your account at using a mobile device, a contestant is all set to participate in the Amazon Quiz. For the same, navigate to the Quiz page.
  • In cases a candidate answers all the Quiz questions correctly, which are mostly 5, then he gets an entry into the Lucky Draw.
  • The winner selection phase
  • When the Contest Period ends, then a predefined number of winners will be selected from the Lucky Draw at random.
  • Amazon will inform the lucky winners over email and SMSs.
  • Details of the winners will be posted on the Amazon site as well.
  • All winners will be eligible for winning a prize (gadget or device) or Amazon Pay Balance.
  • Each winner gets one prize only.
  • To claim the prize, the winner needs to go by the requirements. The requirements are mentioned in the Terms & Conditions.
  • If it is Amazon Pay Balance that the winner has won, it is credited to the winner’s Amazon Pay balance account.
  • If it is a physical prize that the winner has won, it is delivered to the winner’s doorstep by Amazon. This is within the timeframe that Amazon specifies in the email that they send to the winners after they win a prize.

So, this is the complete mechanism of operation of the Amazon Quiz. To be a winner, a contestant should carefully follow the steps mentioned and play the Amazon Quiz.

Is the Amazon Quiz genuine?

There are cases wherein contestants keep playing the Amazon quiz and give the right answers. But they still fail to win the quiz.

This makes them wonder, whether is the quiz genuine and real, or is it fake.

However, the Amazon Quiz is genuine and real. Amazon does give away prizes. But the odds of being selected are not very high, because many contestants make it to the lucky draw each day.

Amazon does millions of dollars of business in India each day and is a highly reputed firm. Hence, they are reliable in terms of Amazon Quiz as well.

Amazon Quiz FAQs

What is Amazon Quiz?

Amazon Quiz is organized by Amazon Sellers Service Private Limited, the eCommerce supergiant. 5 questions are asked every day in the quiz. A contestant has to choose the right alternatives from among the given options for answers.

Which ones are the most popular Amazon quiz?

Amazon Daily Quiz is frequently the most popular quiz on Amazon. The other popular quizzes are the special Amazon Quiz, Tap & Win, Spin & Win, Amazon Monthly Quiz, and Amazon Weekly Quiz.

Can I play Amazon Quiz over mobile browsers?

Yes. From the mobile website, all Amazon Quizzes can be accessed for playing. For the same, a contestant should be signed into their Amazon account via mobile browser.

All the Amazon quiz answers are 100% accurate, we upload answers after checking twice by our editors, So you can trust these answers without any doubt. With Amazon quiz answers we also provide the direct link for each quiz, So you can submit answers as soon.

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