Top 5 Best BP Monitor in India: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best BP Monitor in India

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Are you looking for the top 5 best BP monitor in India, then here we provide the ultimate guide to choosing the best BP monitor in India.

Best BP Monitors in India

By owning a blood pressure monitor, you may choose to check your family members’ blood pressure every day. If not, in an emergency, owning and using a blood pressure monitor renders peace of mind and you can presume if the situation is serious or not that serious. This aids with the administration of timely treatment.

Top 5 Best BP Monitor in India

1. Dr. Morepen BP-02 BP Monitor

Dr Morepen BP-02

As an accurate and user-friendly device, the Dr. Morepen BP machine is fit for use by seniors. While the device displays the blood pressure, it displays the real-time heart rate as well. The device is popular in healthcare facilities. It features a single-button operation, easy setup, simple instructions, a large LED screen, a memory function for storing BP readings, and a low battery indicator. It alarms users in the case of high blood pressure.

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2. Dr. Trust Smart Smart Talking BP Monitor

Dr Trust Smart Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine

The unique characteristic feature of Dr. Trust BP machine is its smart talking feature. This is an exceptionally useful feature in the eventuality that a user is unable to comprehend the readings. If one is wary of electronic devices or has poor vision, the feature is going to be useful. Audio guidance in Hindi and English is on offer.

In case you do not require audio guidance, you can always mute the guidance and keep using the machine as usual.

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3. Beurer Bm 28 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Adaptor

Beurer BM 28

In this BP monitor, smart technology is used for measuring blood pressure when the cuff is inflated. The measurements are, henceforth, quicker and more accurate. The pumping technology is new and advanced and works using a smart algorithm. This makes it a particularly useful implement for senior citizens, who are unable to tolerate cuff inflation for longer times.

The larger size cuff makes the machine compatible with people of different sizes. The machine also identifies all anomalies with the heart rate upon identifying it.

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4. Dr. Morepen BP-09 BP Monitor

Dr. Morepen BP One BP09

The affordability of the Dr. Morepen BP monitor makes it stand out among the kind. No specialized training is called for to operate this device and it can be used from anywhere. These benefits make this one must-maintain equipment for homes. The device alerts users in the event their blood pressure is irregular or abnormal. Auto inflation technology helps overcome the pains associated with excessive inflation.

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5. Omron HEM-8712 BP Monitor

Omron HEM-8712

The Omron BP device comes as a versatile device for home use. When this device is used you measure blood pressure in units of millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Using the device also helps figure out any instances of irregular heart rate. Other top features of the device include a single-touch operation, alongside accurate and precise results. The device comes with a large screen and is handy, portable, and compact. When the blood pressure readings are higher than normal, the device blinks.

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Why monitoring blood pressure is important

When we consider the most important vital signs in the body, blood pressure is one of the most important among them. One has to know in advance if one’s blood pressure is within the permissible limits or not. This gives one a cushion to act in advance. One gets more time and space to have medication administered or consult a doctor for further course of action if things are not on the right track. So, go for the best BP monitor in India today.

The importance of choosing the right BP monitor

Technically, when one invests in the best BP monitor in India, it does not imply that one is afflicted by hypertension or hypotension. Owning a blood pressure monitor just goes to show that you are concerned about the health of your loved ones and yourself.

When you buy the best BP monitor in India, it is very likely to last. A blood pressure monitor becomes a long-term investment for monitoring the health of your loved ones and yourself. So, it is worth going for the best quality models. This makes blood pressure measurements more accurate, and the readings also keep easy to read.

Types of BP Monitors

1. Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

Manual blood pressure monitors are the type that has been traditionally used. But, by no means, have they gone defunct or become irrelevant through the current times. Manual blood pressure monitors are still in use in many places in the world.

If we consider the operation of a manual blood pressure monitor, the user inflates the cuff by pumping the bulb manually.

2. Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Digital blood pressure monitors demonstrate superior performance over manual blood pressure monitors. Herein, one is not required to pump the bulb to inflate the cuff. Instead, the operation takes a single push of a button.

3. Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

A wrist blood pressure monitor, also known as a wrist mount blood pressure monitor is easy to use, portable, and fully automatic. However, the accuracy of this variety of blood pressure monitors is found to be lagging, when compared to upper arm cuff BP monitors.

The only challenge that needs to be met when using a wrist-mount blood pressure monitor is that one has to position his arm right when the blood pressure is being monitored.

4. Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

Upper arm blood pressure monitors are the most popular variety of blood pressure monitors that we nowadays find in the markets. Herein, it is recommendable to use a digital model of the variety. This way, the cuff is automatically inflated and the reading is displayed.

There will even be cases wherein a digital model will come with a risk category indicator. This will be a useful feature from the patient’s viewpoint. Another noteworthy factor is that the accuracy of upper arm cuff blood pressure monitors supersedes that of other models.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a BP Monitor

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is an important factor to consider when one buys the best BP monitor in India. More accurate readings translate to a better diagnosis of the condition, which in turn helps finalize the best-suited course of treatment.

Upper arm cuff blood pressure monitors are known to deliver more accurate readings as compared to any other type of blood pressure monitor.

2. Cuff Size

Checking the cuff size of the BP monitoring machine that you are investing in is important. In most cases, the cuff size is measured in circumference. The cuff size needs to be ideally suited for your arm’s circumference.

3. Display

Typically, the best BP monitor in India is going to have two types of default displays, digital and analog. Manual blood pressure monitors have an analog display.

Among the two types of displays, digital displays will be more accurate for most people. For a trained medical professional, either variety will deliver accurate readings.

One should also look at the size of the display when buying a blood pressure monitoring machine. This keeps the readings accurate.

4. Memory

It is recommendable to go for a device that features high storage. This delivers ease to recording previous readings. When this feature is operational, creating a log of weekly or daily blood pressure readings is easier. This keeps both, the diagnosis and the method of treatment more accurate.

5. Connectivity

Each of the blood pressure monitors that are nowadays available in the markets does not offer features such as synchronization and mobile connectivity. But, investing in a device that does is beneficial. This way, your doctor can be informed regarding your blood pressure-related stats in real time. Similarly, storing blood pressure-related data is also easier. One can come to know of a range of parameters, such as a patient’s response to any particular medication.

6. Price

Blood pressure monitors are likely to be available in an elaborate price range, irrespective of where one buys from. In such cases, a buyer may choose to be discretionary and go for a blood pressure monitor that lies within his price range. BP monitors manufactured by a few of the brands are more expensive. Similarly, the models that bring forth additional features are more expensive. These could be the features that have null or negligible utility for your purpose.

So, it would be alright to invest in a more affordable blood pressure monitor, while the model has all features that you require. Similarly, a blood pressure monitor’s ease of use also has to be kept in mind. You may choose to invest in a model that you’d be using more frequently.

How to Use a BP Monitor

Preparing for a BP Reading

  • If you just bought a BP machine, then right before you start using it, get your blood pressure readings at a doctor’s clinic. This way, you can be sure regarding the accuracy of your machine.
  • In case you have consumed your meal, or alcohol, or have smoked, a 30-minute delay is recommendable before checking your blood pressure.
  • Before you take the BP test, it is recommendable to empty your bladder.

Measuring Blood Pressure

  • In case you’d be measuring your BP in a seated position, then, sit straight and rest your hand on the table.
  • It is important to make sure that your hand elevates to the heart’s level when you take the test.
  • Around your arm, place the cuff.
  • Use the Velcro strap to tighten the cuff.
  • When you press the start button on the BP machine, the readings will show.

Recording and Interpreting BP Readings

In case your BP is higher than what it should be, consult a doctor so that proper diagnosis and treatment can be administered. This will be the case when BP is more than equal to 180 mm Hg systolic/ 110 mm HG diastolic.

Tips for Accurate BP Readings

1. Proper Cuff Placement

A user has to make sure that the cuff size of the BP monitoring machine is ideal for the patient’s cuff size to avoid inaccurate readings. Similarly, the cuff needs to tighten over bare skin, not over clothing.

2. Relaxation Techniques

When taking the BP test, first lie down and get rest for 5-6 minutes without interacting with a human or device.

3. Avoiding Interference

Noise interference could make the reading of a manual BP monitoring machine inaccurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I check my blood pressure?

When you start using the BP machine; check your blood pressure twice daily, at least. The first reading, you should take in the morning before consuming your meal or medication. In the evening, take a reading again.

What is the best time to check my blood pressure?

Mornings and evenings, before consuming your breakfast and dinner, respectively, are the best times to measure your blood pressure.

How do I know if my BP monitor is accurate?

Each time over, take two or three readings to make sure that they tally.

Can wearing tight clothes affect BP readings?

Studies have shown that clothing can impact systolic blood pressure from 10 mmHg to 50 mmHg.

Can diet and exercise affect BP readings?

As per studies, a nutritious, balanced diet and regular exercise induce a drop of 4 to 12 mm Hg diastolic and 3 to 6 mm Hg systolic.

With regular exercise maintaining a healthy weight simplifies. In case you are overweight, losing even 2.3 kg can lower your blood pressure.


Visiting a healthcare facility is not a must for using a BP monitoring machine at home. Even when BP is measured at home, you can get accuracy comparable to clinical settings. So, when you are undergoing long-term treatment of BP-related issues, monitoring BP simplifies. Sudden health complications become easier to tackle this way.

With the range of BP monitors nowadays available in India, you can go through the features and go for the one that works the best for your requirements.

Best BP Monitors in India

SL NoTop 5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors
1Dr. Morepen BP-02 BP Monitor
2Dr. Trust Smart Smart Talking BP Monitor
3Beurer Bm 28 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Adaptor
4Dr. Morepen BP-09 BP Monitor
5Omron HEM-8712 BP Monitor
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