Jio Balance Check Number: How to Check Jio Balance, Net, and Validity 2023

If you are a Jio user and looking for a Jio balance check number to avoid running out of data or validity, it is important to know how to check Jio balance. In this blog, we will simplify the process of checking your Jio balance, including the Jio balance check number and the steps to follow. Here we have 6 easy methods to check Jio balance, net, data usage & validity. So whether you are a new Jio user or an Existing user, know how to check Jio balance and stay connected without any interruptions.

Jio was an important milestone in the Indian telecommunications sector, and with 4G mobile internet becoming cheaper and more accessible, even more people are adopting Jio to make cheap calls and use the internet on the go.

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Jio Balance Check Number: How to Check Jio Balance, Net, and Validity

Jio balance check is an easy process and if you do not know about Jio balance check then here we are going to tell you everything about Jio balance check numbers on your mobile. Read the article below to know more.

How to Check Your Jio Balance: 6 Easy Methods to Check Jio Balance, Data Usage & Validity

Here we discuss the 6 easiest methods to check your Jio balance, data usage, and validity.

  • Checking Jio balance via SMS.
  • Check balance via missed call.
  • Check Jio balance on a call.
  • Jio balance check using USSD codes.
  • Jio balance check using the My Jio app.
  • Checking the balance on Jio’s official website.

Method 1: Checking Jio Balance via SMS

How do you check your Jio balance? You can do so by sending a text message “BAL” to 199. The process is as follows:

  • Send a text message with the word BAL to 199.
  • The balance will be sent back as an SMS message shortly after you send the request.
  • The reply will contain your balance as well as information about how much data, validity, voice minutes, or SMS messages are left in your plan.

These are a few important SMS messages you might want to remember in the future.

JIO199For knowing the Jio number
BAL199To check Jio’s balance and validity
TARIFF191To check the call rate
MYPLAN199For knowing the current plan
BILL199For postpaid users to know the bill amount

Method 2: Check Balance via Missed Call

A missed call is the easiest way to check your Jio balance. For check balance dial 1299, the call will be disconnected automatically after a few seconds, then you receive a text message containing how much data, validity, voice minutes, or SMS messages are left in your plan.

Method 3: Check Jio Balance on a Call

Dial 1991 from your Jio Number, After call connected the IVR machine asks you to select your preferred language, such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, etc. then the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) machine will tell you about daily Data balance and the plan’s validity.

Method 4: Jio Balance Check Using USSD Codes

You can easily check your Jio balance, validity, and other information by using the following USSD codes.

  • *111*1*3#: For internet data balance.
  • *333#: To check main balance.
  • *333*3*1*1#: To activate caller tune.
  • *333*3*1*2#: To deactivate caller tune.

Method 5: Jio Balance Check Using the My Jio App

Using a smartphone has become common among Indians since Jio introduced Unlimited plans. So this method is easy for everyone. Download the My Jio app from Google Play or the App store, With the My Jio app, Jio users can manage their Jio account, track their 4G plan, check its validity, and access the latest offers relating to Jio plans. For example, users can easily check their balance, data usage, and plan validity. Jio also provides customers with a detailed statement of their calls, messages, and internet data, as well as a map of nearby Jio stores.

Follow these steps to check balance, validity & more.

  • Open the My Jio app, If you don’t have one, download it from Google play or the Apple store.
  • You must complete the registration process by entering your Jio number and sending a One Time Password (OTP).
  • After logging in, you can check your Jio balance as well as active plan details and data balance.
  • You can get more information by tapping the active plan. 
  • Now you will able to see complete information about Jio balance, validity information, and other details.

Method 6: Checking the Balance on Jio’s Official Website

  • Visit Jio’s official website
  • Click on the Mobile option, and Enter your Jio number.
  • Then click on Generate OTP button, Enter OTP, and Submit.
  • Now check your Jio balance as well as active plan details, data balance, and more.

By clicking on My Statement, you can view your recharge history, invoice history, and 6-month statement of voice calls, data usage, and SMS.


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