Televisions Price List in India (August 2022)

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Televisions (TVs) India

Television is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting Black and White, or in colour moving images, The TVs are the best source for avoiding boring times, we can watch Movies, Serials, Programs, Songs and many more. Nowadays the TVs are becoming very advanced called has hybrid tv or smart tv, So now we can access the internet easily. After working hard in the office and coming home with low energy, one thing that everyone wants to do is sit back, relax and catch your favourite TV show! Since the innovations TVs never fail to entertain the peoples. entertainment is the most important part of our life, and peoples don’t want to miss them. TVs are attracted all age groups, social and educational backgrounds peoples. Finding the best TV is a tough job so don’t worry, visit Findprix. Findprix compares the prices, specifications, features and many from all latest Televisions in India and you can get good quality Television with less price.

Some peoples used the term to call television is idiot box or lazy box, but modern innovations are changed the people’s mind now it can be called an intelligent box. Television is the best way to entertain peoples by watching movies, news, sports and more. the main advantage of this TV we can reach the information to people very quickly.

When it comes to TVs there is plenty of choice in front of you, In that, some top television companies are Mi televisions, Samsung televisions, Sony televisions, LG televisions, Thomson televisions and more. The basic features you must know before buying new one such are screen size, screen type, resolution, LED TV, Curve TV, UHD 4K TV, 3D TV, HD Ready TV, Full HD TV, and many more.

Smart TV in India

A smart television also referred to as hybrid TV or connected TV. peoples should not be confused with Internet TV because Internet televisions are referred to the receiving of television content over the Internet instead of by traditional satellite, cable systems. smart TV allows the user to install and run more advanced applications. Smart TVs are run a mobile operating system software such are Android, Patchwall and more, Smart TV offers access to movies, shows, video games, apps and more. Some of those apps include App Store, Netflix, ALT Balaji, SUN NXT, Disney + Hotstar, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video and Music.


Liquid crystal display televisions are the most common types of flat-screen televisions available on the market. On LCDs, displays are illuminated by cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) behind the display that shines through an array of liquid crystal cells. These offer a host of benefits, such as low heat output, high gloss, and lightweight weight plates.


LEDs are a type of LCD television that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate the screen. There are two types of LED technologies, namely edge-lit LEDs and backlit LEDs. LED TVs offer brighter whites, deeper black levels, and a wider, more vibrant colour gamut, lower power consumption, burn resistance, and much more reliable.


OLEDs are the dominant TV display technology. It is found mainly in high-end televisions and is made with organic compounds that are illuminated through electricity. It offers a host of benefits, including more realistic and stunning images, wider viewing angles, higher energy efficiency, and much more. Plus, these can be super slimmer, lighter, more flexible, and offer more consistency of brightness across the screen.


QLED is the newest television screen technology that uses Quantum Dot technology on an LED panel. QLED televisions come loaded with features such as a curved screen, edge-lit LED system, and colours are much richer, as Quantum dots act more or less like a filter that produces purer lights. Samsung QLED TVs have 100% colour volume and offer a wider range of colour tones than the U standard.

Factors and Features to consider before buying a TV

If you planning to buy a new TV or exchanging old tv to a newer one for your home or workplace? Here is a complete guide for buying new TVs.

Display – The display of a TV primarily consisting of HDR, refresh rate, contrast, resolution and the type of display.
Connectivity of TV – The connection options depends on your personal needs. The most common input connection options in modern Televisions are HDMI port, USB port, and Bluetooth connection and more.
Screen Size of a TV – Screen size and viewing distance are important things that decide the picture quality on your TV. The screen size is measured diagonally. If you are confused about what screen size is best for your desired location, here some tips that will help you buying a TV.

Distance Ideal screen size
5-6 feet 32 inches
6-9 feet 40-45 inches
9-10 feet 50 inches
10-12 feet 60-65 inches

Sound Quality of TV – The modern TVs come with pre-defines sound modes for sports, gaming, movies, music which automatically tune the volume, to make you for better viewing experience.
Smart TV – A smart TV can access the internet with the help of wired or wireless media. in this type of TV, you can Play games, stream online videos from Amazon Prime Video, Youtube and more.

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Televisions (TVs) Price in India 2020

Screen Size 32 inches | 43 inches | 49 inches | 55 inches
Top BrandsMi TVs | Samsung TVs | Sony TVs | Micromax TVs | Thomson TVs | Nokia TVs
PriceUnder 12,000 | 12,000-20,000 | 20,000-30,000 | 30,000-40,00040,000-50,000

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