Top 15 Best Beer Brands in India {25th July 2024}

best beer brands in india

Looking for the top beer brands in India? Here are 15 of the best, according to a June 2022 Statista report. The UB Group holds a 54% market share in India.

Across the past few years gone by, India’s beer market has grown unprecedentedly. The consumer craze for well-recognized international labels and the best-quality craft brews has now come out in the open. Obviously, a consumer has many choices before him in choosing the beer that he wants to drink.

A consumer has the right to know which beer is the best for him and that’s the reason why this article has been put in place. We list the finest brews in India in this article.

1. Kingfisher


The highest-selling beer brand in India is Kingfisher. It commands a 36% share among all brands. The best part about Kingfisher is the variety that it makes available for the users. While lighter beers like Kingfisher Premium Lager are available, stronger alternatives like Kingfisher Ultra and Kingfisher Max are also on offer. The crisp and refreshing taste of Kingfisher beers is their USP. Citrus and malty flavors are all nicely balanced.

Kingfisher Strong is the top seller by the brand. The taste of the 8% ABV beer is bold and rich. It is known to pair up the best with the rich Indian cuisine.

2. Bira 91

Bira 91

Bira 91’s branding is a color riot, something that fascinates Indian youth to no end, especially the ones who reside in urban areas. Another point that works in their favor is that their range of brews is extensive. Easy-drinking lagers are available in their catalog and so are fruit-infused beers and bold IPAs. Craft beer lovers looking to experience India’s vibrant craft brewing scene should try not to miss out on Bira 91.

3. Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher Ultra

Among all premium lagers available in India, Kingfisher Ultra is among the most popular. It is so brewed that the flavors come out to be smooth. The taste is refreshing and clean and features strong undertones of honey and malt. The 5% ABV factor makes the beer easier to stomach. However, the punch packed in the beer is typically more as compared to what domestic lagers bring.

UB crafts Ultra and uses premium ingredients to accomplish the same. They include fine aroma hops imported from Germany and 2-row barley malt. The brewing process of Ultra is slightly longer, but it only adds to the smoothness. It is only right to say that Ultra is balanced superbly. The lager is meant for Indian summers but is internationally styled. When the drinker is discerning and seeks more character in his beer, Ultra is what he should be going for.

4. Budweiser


Budweiser is a beer well-recognized for its malty and bold taste. It is a brand popular not just in India, but all across the world.

If you go for Budweiser Premium, you will come to see that the lager is medium-bodied and smooth. Notes of honey malt and rice promote a fulfilling feeling.

However, investing in Budweiser Magnum packs in an additional punch for the drinker because it’s a 6.5% ABV. It is easy to see that Magnum is a full-flavored and rich beer.

In Budweiser, you will experience the taste of the brewing tradition of America. The beer is always tasty and refreshing, while the flavors are crisp. At bars, people are going to seek Budweiser more than any other beer. Similarly, house parties and restaurants are frequently the locations where Budweiser makes an appearance.

If one seeks a bolder and malt-forward lager, Budweiser is going to work for him. Budweiser users say that when they have a pizza or a burger, they like to drink a Budweiser alongside. Game-day snacks also make perfect accompaniments when drinking a Budweiser.

5. Corona Extra

Corona Extra

It is noteworthy that Corona is now India’s preferred imported beer, thanks to its refreshing taste. Corona is brewed in Mexico and features a light straw yellow color. The palate is smooth and dry while subtle notes of hops, corn, and malt are difficult to miss.

When consuming Corona Extra, it is recommended to attach a lime wedge to the glass towards the top. With fresh citrus aromas, your drink becomes more palatable.

Corona does hail from Mexico but its appeal is universal. Correspondingly, Corona is a brand recognized internationally. The personality of Corona is laidback and the vibes are very summary. So, when relaxing with friends, you should be drinking Corona.
On a hot summer day, a few things enliven the spirits as well as Corona. Corona is light.

6. Heineken


In India, the most popular international lager is Heineken. The taste is crisp and clean while the green glass bottle is memorable. Heineken is brewed in Holland and has rich flavors of grainy malt. Noble hops impart moderate bitterness. A refreshing finish and perfect carbonation make Heineken the best-suited beer for summer in India.

7. London Pilsner

London Pilsner

In the list of classic Indian lagers, London Pilsner finds the first mention. Even while its price point is more towards the affordable side, it offers a solid drinking experience.

In London Pilsner, you will come across the characteristic Pilsner profile that includes spicy herbal Saaz hops and malt flavors, more towards the biscuity side. Rice is added to the grist to grant a signature grainy flavor.

The color of London Pilsner is light gold. It is quenching and fizzy, something that a budget-conscious Indian consumer can’t say no to.

8. Carlsberg Elephant

Carlsberg Elephant

Carlsberg Elephant is a popular and strong Indian lager by the Danish giant. It is brewed at 7% ABV, so the bitterness and flavor are more than a regular Carlsberg. The brew is characterized by the lingering alcoholic kick that it delivers.

When you drink a Carlsberg Elephant, then initially, you will initially experience crisp flavors. The subtle sweetness of malt will herein be included. Next, the transition happens to hop tones that are spicy and herbal. This is towards the end of the drink.

So, whenever you are seeking a strong beer that tastes familiar and still is smooth, you will come to see that Carlsberg Elephant is very much to your taste.

9. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 is a name known to all because it is one of the classic and strong beers from India. With its bittersweet taste, Haywards 5000 has a 7% ABV potency.

The flavors of Haywards 5000 are grainy and malty to start with. The taste suddenly transitions to spicy. But, towards, the end, one always comes across bitterness induced by herbal hop.

The punch of Haywards 5000 is truly boozy. When college students are looking forward to cheap thrills, they generally drink Haywards 5000.

The best part about Haywards 5000 is that it delivers the buzz on a budget.

10. Hoegaarden Wit

Hoegaarden Wit

Hoegaarden Wit is the name that has made Belgian white ales popular in India. The appearance of the beer is pale yellow and slightly cloudy, but that is vastly seen as the beer’s trademark.

Upon drinking Hoegaarden Wit, one will experience notes of wheat, orange peel, and coriander. The beer is refreshing and light. The flavors encompass a little bit of sweetness. But herbal spices are also in there and so are tangy citrus flavors.

When consuming any of the dishes from Indian cuisines, you may want to drink Hoegaarden Wit alongside. You may even want to have it when consuming any of the chicken or seafood dishes.

11. White Owl Spark

White Owl Spark

The craft beer scene in India has grown by leaps and bounds across the contemporary years. Spark by White Owl is one of the most prominent names that come to mind in this regard.

The ale is pale but the factors that make it enjoyable are flavors of citrus and tropical fruits. The finish of the ale is spicy and dry, as derived from ample late hopping.

White Owl Spark is a creamy beer. The nice hop aroma only makes it better. In particular, for India’s climate, Spark delivers the best results.

12. Kingfisher Strong

Kingfisher Strong

As per many people from India, Kingfisher Strong is their favorite beer. To make sure that the beer delivers the maximum kick and flavor, it is brewed to 8% ABV.

Upon trying the beer, you will feel that the taste is clean and crisp towards the start. Bold maltiness gradually transits into bitterness that lingers. But, caramel flavors and those of roasted grain stay throughout.

The alcohol content of Kingfisher Strong is high. This makes it an ideal match for Indian fare which is spicy in more cases than not.

The best use cases for consuming Kingfisher Strong are partygoers and college crowds. The beer is smooth and its price is friendly on the pocket.

13. Tuborg Strong

Tuborg Strong

Carlsberg brews Tuberg Strong. The target market is Indian consumer who seeks potent brews. Tuborg Strong is 8% ABV so it is reasonably strong. The beer nevertheless stays drinkable and smooth.

When you start drinking the beer, it is hard to miss the initial sweet malt flavors. Faint bitterness then appears in the taste. Finally, towards the end, the taste is clean and dry.

Tuborg Strong, no doubt, is high in alcohol but is not all that boozy as such. Gulping down the beer is easy even as it delivers a strong kick. When youth are looking for cheap thrills, they like to go for Tuborg Strong.

Budget-friendly prices of Tuborg Strong only add to its popularity.

14. Kati Patang Belgian Wit

Kati Patang Belgian Wit

Based in Delhi, Kati Patang is a craft brewery. But the ales they create are styled internationally. It is best to define their Belgian Wit as a hazy golden witbier. The flavors bear a strong resemblance to pepper, chamomile, orange peel, and coriander. The mingling of herbal and citrus aromas gives rise to yeasty and bready notes. This is a spicy and refreshing changer for the palate.

The contributions of Kati Patang cannot be ignored for putting India on the global craft beer map. One experiences the true classic styles upon consuming Kati Patang. With their Belgian Wit, the soul of the style comes right within your grasp. It is fun, flavorful, and quirky. But what makes the beer more Indian than others is the local twist.

When a craft beer fan is looking for truly Belgian-style wheat ale that is made in India, he should be going for Kati Patang.

15. Simba Wit Belgian Style

Simba Wit Belgian Style

The name Simba is noteworthy for being another one of the craft brewers from India who has made it in the world of craft beers. Their With Belgian style is exceptionally easy to drink. Spice and citrus aromas leave the user asking for more.

The brewing of the ale is done using chamomile, orange peel, and Indian coriander. Hazy gold in color, Simba Wit Belgian Style is heavily carbonated. This makes the beer extremely popular among Indian audiences. It feels refreshing and light but is reasonably crisp.

So, on a hot summer day, you should make it a point to enjoy Simba Wit Belgian Style. You are just about sure to cherish the spicy and citrus notes.

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