Kerala Lottery Result Today 25th July 2024 Live കേരള ലോട്ടറി റിസല്ട്ട് Fifty Fifty FF 74

Check the live Fifty Fifty FF 74 Kerala lottery result today 25th July 2024. Kerala Lottery Results are Out! Latest Updates

Every day, the lucky winners of the Kerala Lottery Result are announced by the Kerala State Lottery Department at 03:05 PM. The lottery system has various prize amounts for winners. You will find the Daily Result updates, Lucky Draw Winner names, and other result updates here on this page. If you need the most updated and latest Kerala Lottery Result updates, then bookmark this page and check it daily.

We update the list of winners as soon as they are announced by the Kerala State Government. You can also try your luck in this Lottery and buy a ticket for yourself. Your Kerala Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery ticket number may be lucky for you and you may also win a huge amount. But do, keep in mind that the lottery system involves risk, and winning and losing are purely dependent on luck.

Kerala Lottery Result (കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം) Today Fifty Fifty FF 74 (29.11.2023)

Kerala Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery Result Live Today’s Winner Updates

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Lottery is now legal in 13 Indian states, people can purchase Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery Tickets. The states where lotteries have become legal are:- Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Nagaland, Sikkim, Assam, West Bengal, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.

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On this page you can find results for Kerala Lottery Sambad Result, Win Win Lottery Results, Sthree Sakthi Lottery Results, Nirmal Lottery Results, Fifty Fifty FF Lottery Results, Karunya Lottery Results, Akshaya Lottery Results, Kerala Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery Results, Karunya Plus Lottery Results daily. These results are updated daily.

Kerala Lottery Fifty Fifty FF 74 Result

Kerala Lottery Result Today

Check the Kerala lottery results live every day as we update the official Kerala Lottery results PDF after 4 PM. Those who purchased the tickets and want to check out the latest live updates on the winner’s list of Kerala Lottery Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery Result should keep checking this page. All upcoming Kerala state Lottery Sambad Results are updated here. You can visit the official websites or check the results below.

Live Kerala Lottery Fifty Fifty FF 74 Winner Ticket Details Updates

Here are the Rankwise Prize Details of Fifty Fifty FF 74 Kerala Lottery Results 29.11.2023.

Rank Prize Amount (in ₹/INR)
1st PrizeRs 75 Lakh
Consolation PrizeRs 8,000
2nd PrizeRs 10 Lakh
3rd PrizeRs 5,000
4th PrizeRs 2,000
5th PrizeRs 1,000
6th PrizeRs 500
7th PrizeRs 200
8th PrizeRs 100

Kerala State Weekly Lottery Draw Names List 

Kerala State Government’s Lottery Department has 7 Lottery results for every day of the week. Every week 7 Lottery results are announced. Here is the list of Kerala Lottery Draw Names:-

DayDraw Name
MondayWin Win Lottery
TuesdaySthree Sakthi Lottery
WednesdayFifty Fifty FF Lottery
ThursdayKarunya Plus Lottery
FridayNirmal Lottery
SaturdayKarunya Lottery
SundayAkshaya Lottery

How to claim Kerala State Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery Prize?

If you have bought a ticket to the Kerala State Lottery and won a prize, then the first step is to confirm if you have won or if there was some confusion. Now the next step is to claim your prize. If you don’t know how to claim your prize then you have come to the right page and we will guide you. Here are the steps that you need to follow:-

Kerala Lottery Result Prize winners need to follow the Claim rules of the Kerala State Lottery Department which you can check out on their official website ( ). If the winner’s winning amount is more than 1 Lakh then you will have to submit a copy of your self-attested Pan Card along with the Claim Form.

AmountSubmit the Claim Form to
Rs 5,000 and BelowTicket Agents
Rs 1 Lakh and BelowDepartment of District Lottery Offices
Rs 1 Lakh and Below (Other States)Department of Directorate
Rs 1 Lakh and AboveDepartment of Director of State Lotteries
Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 20 LakhDepartment of Deputy Director
Rs 20 Lakh and AboveDepartment of Director

Here is where you will have to submit your Claim Form:-

  • If your winning amount is 5000 or more then you will submit the form to the Lottery stall or Ticket agent.
  • If your Lottery amount is equal to 1 Lakh or below then you need to submit your form to the Department of District Lottery Offices in Kerala.
  • If you are not from Kerala and your amount is 1 Lakh or less then you submit your claim form to the Department of Directorate.
  • If your winning prize is 1 Lakh or above then submit your claim form to the Department of Director of State Lotteries.
  • If your winning prize amount is between 1 Lakh to 20 Lakhs then you have to submit your claim form to the Department of Deputy Director.
  • And for any prize amount above 20 Lakhs, the claim form will be submitted to the Department of Director.

Directorate of Kerala State Lottery looks after the Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery. Kerala Nirmal Lottery is a very famous and popular Lottery game in Kerala and the other 12 states. People from and around Kerala try their luck in hopes of winning the huge prize amount. The ticket price for the Nirmal lottery is just Rs. 30. 
To win the Kerala State Lottery, you need to purchase a lottery ticket from any ticket dealer and try your luck. Then check the results. Here is how you can check the results.

How to check the ‘Kerala Fifty Fifty FF 74’ Results for 29.11.2023?

If you have bought Kerala State Lottery and want to check the Kerala lottery result list. Here is what you need to do to access the winners list. This is the simplest and fastest process for checking the Kerala Lottery winner list. Here is the step-by-step guide to checking the Kerala Lottery result declared at 29.11.2023 Live 3 PM.

Participants can simply check the Kerala State Fifty Fifty FF 74 results by following these steps:-

Step 1: First visit the Kerala State Lottery’s official website –

Step 2: On the Home page, find a bar with the following options:-
· Lottery Result
· Lottery Agents
· Lottery Claim
· Lottery Structure

Step 3: Select the “Lottery Result” Button and click on it.

Step 4: When the next page opens, you will see Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery Results. Click on the Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery Result.

Step 5: Then a new page will open and the result of Fifty Fifty FF 74 Lottery will appear.

കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം PDF Files

Lottery/Draw NumberDateView
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-69)25/9/2023View PDF →
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-386)24/9/2023View PDF →
WIN-WIN (W-740)23/9/2023View PDF →
AKSHAYA (AK-622)22/9/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA(KR-624)21/9/2023View PDF →
NIRMAL(NR-351)20/9/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-492)19/9/2023View PDF →
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-69)18/9/2023View PDF →
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-385)17/9/2023View PDF →
WIN-WIN (W-739)16/9/2023View PDF →
AKSHAYA(AK-621)15/9/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA(KR-623)14/9/2023View PDF →
NIRMAL(NR-350)13/9/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-490)12/9/2023View PDF →
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-68)11/9/2023View PDF →
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-384)10/9/2023View PDF →
WIN-WIN (W-738)9/9/2023View PDF →
AKSHAYA(AK-620)8/9/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA(KR-622)7/9/2023View PDF →
NIRMAL(NR-349)6/9/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-490)5/9/2023View PDF →
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-67)4/9/2023View PDF →
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-383)3/9/2023View PDF →
AKSHAYA(AK-619)1/9/2023View PDF →
NIRMAL(NR-348)29/09/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-489)28/09/2023View PDF →
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-66)27/09/2023View PDF →
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-382)26/09/2023View PDF →
WIN-WIN (W-737)25/09/2023View PDF →
AKSHAYA(AK-618)24/09/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA(KR-620)23/09/2023View PDF →
NIRMAL(NR-347)22/09/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-488)21/09/2023View PDF →
THIRUVONAM BUMPER -2023(BR-93)20/09/2023View PDF →
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-381)19/09/2023View PDF →
WIN-WIN (W-736)18/09/2023View PDF →
AKSHAYA (AK-617)17/09/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA (KR-619)16/09/2023View PDF →
NIRMAL (NR-346)15/09/2023View PDF →
KARUNYA PLUS (KN-487)14/09/2023View PDF →
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-65)13/09/2023View PDF →
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-380)12/09/2023View PDF →

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