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By Parashiva  •  Updated On 16 Apr 2024
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As an Over The Top (OTT) streaming platform, Ullu is a typical name. If the audience bears with it, it’s all good. After viewing the web series, many people search the web for the ullu actress name, age, photo, and more. So, these guys are primarily into the production and streaming of content in regional languages, which is good, as people can enjoy premium content in their preferred or native languages.

At the Ullu web app, you can expect to come across a whole lot of digital content, including short films or web series. Please make no mistake. This is content-oriented toward adult or mature audiences. The factors that make Ullu popular are its content, vastly characterized by being unconventional and bold. The content covers varied genres of filmmaking, including crime, thriller, drama, and romance. Ullu is a direct implementation of the changing landscape of streaming platforms. Their content is in a fast state of transformation.

It is very disheartening to note that I, currently, do not have much information to share about the actresses that feature in the Ullu web series. Ullu web series actress name, I will share with you in this article. But, our team has gone out of the way to garner the maximum amount of information about these actresses. Please read on to know more.

The best place to garner a world of information about actresses in the Ullu web series is to first download the Ullu app. Then, you can consider what information about your favorite Ullu actresses is available there. The Ullu web series actress name will be available.

On entertainment news as well, you can come across a host of information about these actresses, Ullu web series actress name, and success stories. An exciting way to learn more about these actresses is to go through their social media accounts of these actresses, after you come to know of Ullu web series actress name.

All information that you can garner on the internet regarding these actresses could vary. Try and make sure that you go through only the latest of the updates published.

Popular Ullu Actress Name

1. Payal Patil

When discussing the most popular actresses on the Ullu app, we can’t go without discussing Payal Patil. Any compilation of Ullu app actresses is going to be incomplete without her. There was a popular Ullu series that was released a few days back – Secretary. Payal played the role of Renu in this app. This, somehow, wasn’t the only Ullu series that Payal played a role in. Instead, your preferred Ullu actress, Payal was also seen in the Ullu series Kitty Party and Jalebi Bai.

Nail-biting performances by Payal have found widespread appreciation and admiration on behalf of critics. Payal is not just a popular Ullu actress. Instead, she is creating waves for being one of the hottest social media influencers of our era. Payal’s fashion sense is a topic of appreciation for one and all. Payal is regularly featured in all fashion magazines and online publications.

About Payal Patil

NamePayal Patil
Date Of Birth18 Mar 1997
Birth PlaceMumbai
Height165 cm
Net WorthRs. 1 Crore

2. Shyna Khatri

Shyna Khatri is known as Shyna Khatri by some, and Shanaya Khatri by others. So, both are Ullu web series actress names. If you intend to discover the potential of Shayna Khatri’s acting, you should be watching Ullu web series such as Pehredaar, Paglet 2, Kaam Purush, and Karzdaar. Ullu is not the only platform that Shanay Khatri has worked on. You will find her featured regularly on other platforms such as MX Player, PrimePlay, and Cineprime.

We can now discuss the personal and early life of Shanya Khatri. Her birthday falls on 7th December. Shanya was born in 1995 in Chandigarh, Punjab. In her birth town, she completed her education and Mumbai came calling for a career in modeling soon after, where Shanya relocated. You’ll be surprised to note that Shanya Khatri won the Miss India Expotic title in 2021. But, for her acting debut, she had to wait till February 2022. She debuted in Buchanan, an MX Player film. At this time, her modeling career was reaching for the stars.

About Shyna Khatri

NameShyna Khatri
Date Of Birth7 Dec 1995
Birth PlaceMumbai
Height163 cm
Net WorthRs. 7 Crore – 10.5 Crore

3. Alpita Banika

When we say Alpita Banika or Alpita Kashyap, we are referring to the same person. Her looks are stunning and her performances are alluring, which add to her popularity across the Indian cinemascope. However, Alpita’s best performance came in 2023 itself in Chull, a Ullu web series. Then Alpita’s popularity on Instagram is no secret. There is no end to her number of followers there.

We will now take a look at Alpita’s early and personal life. Her birthday falls on 24th June and she was born in 1988 in Assam. Alpita had sociology as her major and she completed her graduation from Mumbai University. After her graduation, Alpita chose to become a model. At this time, she would appear on magazine covers and TV commercials. However, Alpita was born with a passion for modeling. She chose to pursue a career in the acting industry.

Love Ka Connection was Alpita’s debut series and was released in 2022. Alpita, then, delivered impressive performances in web series such as Rishton Mein Kaad and Jijaji Chhat Pe Hain. Ullu app was the one that bought her real recognition and fame. She starred in the Ullu web series Chull and accessed fame in its true meaning. In the storyline of the hit web series, she portrayed the role of a woman possessed by spirits. Hyer’s performances sent shivers down viewers’ spines. Her performance in Chull earned her several acclaims and awards. This included the Best Actress Award at the Ullu Web Series Awards 2023.

About Alpita Banika

NameAlpita Banika
Date Of Birth24 Jun 1998
Birth PlaceAssam
EducationBachelor Of Arts In Sociology
Height168 cm
Net WorthRs. 35-60 Lakhs

4. Simran Khan

Simran Khan is alternately popularized by her on-screen name Sabreena. She is a talented fashion influencer, model, and actress. With her performances in the Hindi web series, Sabreena has made a mark for herself in the world of acting, worldwide. Her presence is striking and her performances are captivating.

Sabreena was born on August 6, 1994. Her birthplace is Mumbai, which lies in Maharashtra, India. When she stepped into the entertainment industry, she was a dancer and a model. But soon, the audience came to realize that she is mature and versatile. Her versatility spans her dancing skills, beyond her acting.

About Simran Khan

NameSimran Khan
Date Of Birth6 Aug 1994
Birth PlacePune
EducationBachelor Of Commerce
Height160 cm
Net WorthNA

5. Amika Shail

Professionally, Amika Shail is a model, singer, and actress from India. She has worked in a host of highly acclaimed web series by Ullu, including Rukhsati, Gandi Baat 5, and Charmsukh (Tuition Teacher). Amika has also been popularized via her appearance in Indian primetime TV shows on Sony TV, Divya Drishti and Baal Veer.

6. Samita Paul

As an Indian actress and model, Samita has made a name for herself in the world of Hindi web series. The Ullu web series, Desi Kisse has popularized her to no end. In the web series, she starred with mukti Bose. The name of her character in the web series was Nikki.

Samita hails from Kolkata which is in West Bengal. As of current, she has been a part of over 50 web series projects.

7. Nehal Vadoliya

Neha Vadoliya is among the most popular Indian actresses and models. She was born in Gujarat but works in Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati film and TV industries. Vadoliya’s birthday falls on 2nd December and she was born in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Before she made a plunge into acting, Vadoliya used to be a model. Her first movie was released in 2018, Gujarati Wedding in Goa. Vadoliya, alternately, has appeared in a host of popular TV series, including Julie, Gandi Baat 3, Mastram, and TMKOC.

8. Jinnie Jazz

As a popular actress and model from India, Jinni Jazz is well recognized for the roles she plays, which are best defined as bold and glamorous. In particular, on the Ullu app, Jazz is very popular. The debut of jazz took place in 2020 with the web series Charmsukh Jaane Anjaane Mein. Another of the popular web series is Charmsukh Aate Ki Chakki. But, Jazz has also appeared in other web series such as Love Guru and Rishwala. It is safe to define jazz as the most popular Ullu actress. Her fan following is huge.

9. Aliya Naaz

The core work area of Naaz, a popular model and actress is the Ullu app. However, Naaz has worked for a host of apps, including Prime Shots, Cineprime, and Rabbit Movies. Among the most popular web series of Naaz are Takk, Choodiwala, Jaghanya Upay, and Bhujaan.

About Aliya Naaz

NameAliya Naaz
Date Of Birth27 Jan 1998
Birth PlaceKishanganj, Bihar
EducationBachelor Of Commerce
Height163 cm
Net WorthNA

10. Muskaan Agarwal

Agarwal has primarily been working in the Ullu web series and her roles have made her famous. Among her most acclaimed works are Palangtod (Bekaboo dil), Rupaya 500, Aate ki chakki, Charamsukh (Live streaming), Jaal, Sultan, Palangtod (Damaad ji season 2), and Charamsukh (Tauba Tauba).

11. Paromita Dey

Before becoming one of the most popular actresses in India, Dey used to be a RJ. She comes with a background in acting. Right from the age of 11, Dey has been working in Bengali plays. Then as 2008 approached, Dey got her first role in a popular Bengali soap.

Dey dons many hats and is also a singer, writer, and fashion producer. In 2015, Dey landed her first role in the Hindi web series, Tumse Na Ho Payega.

About Paromita Dey

NameParomita Dey
Date Of Birth11 Jun 1989
Birth PlaceKolkata
Net WorthNA

12. Ridhima Tiwari

The prime work area of Ridhima Tiwari is the Hindi web series. The top roles that Tiwari has played are for the web series Jalebi Bai, Madhosh Diaries, and School Girl. Tiwari’s bold performances have popularized her among her fans.

When Tiwari was young, she used to be known as Natasha Rajsewari Tiwari who was born in Tamulk, West Bengal. The actress went to Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya to complete her schooling, which lies in West Bengal, and earned her Bachelor’s Degree.

About Ridhima Tiwari

NameRidhima Tiwari
Date Of Birth31 Jul 1993
Birth PlaceTamulk, West Bengal
Height155 cm
Net Worth1 Crore

13. Nidhi Mahawan

Nidhi Mahawan mostly works in the Ullu web series. Her most prolific performances include Hotspot (Charr Charr), Hotspot ( Fantasy Call ) – 1, Charamsukh Kamar Ki Naap, Palang Tod Damaad Ji, Dunali Season 2, Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2, and Lady Finger.

About Nidhi Mahawan

NameNidhi Mahawan
Date Of Birth26 Apr 1989
Birth PlaceNew Delhi
EducationEnglish Literature
Height167 cm
Net Worth1 Crore

14. Anupama Prakash

Anupama Prakash is among the most popular actresses on the Ullu app. She is alternately a model and her performances are strong and stunning. Prakash’s debut movie was in Tamil, ‘Avalukkenna Azhagiya Mugam’ which was released in 2018. This fast-tracked her on the road to popularity. In the web series Rishton Ka Manjha, Lovely Massage Parlor, and Reiti Rivaz, Prakas was appreciated for his bold performances.

About Anupama Prakash

NameAnupama Prakash
Date Of Birth17 Nov 1992
Birth PlaceHamirpur, Uttar Pradesh

What makes the Ullu app hot property?

Across the contemporary years, nearly everyone owns a smart device. OTT platforms were sure to be the next hot development in line. They’ve become popular, with digital streaming content providers making the best of the party to get their worth.

Ullu app is a byproduct of all these developments and with their hard work and dedication; they have today made a place for themselves in the hearts and minds of the Indian viewer. Web series created by Ullu are oriented towards adult audiences. Their content is captivating and bold.

Many actresses on the Ullu app have made a place for themselves in the hearts of Indian viewers, riding on their off-the-hook performances. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of the most charming actresses whom you’ll find on the Ullu app:

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